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WPF RSS Feed Reader

This was built in Visual Studio 2010 with .NET 4. In order to build the source you will need to install the Async CTP library from here:

The current release is a simple RSS Feed Reader, allowing you to easily subscribe to web feeds, import and export feeds in OPML format.

It has the following features:
  1. Can add new folders
  2. Can move feeds into folders
  3. If first time running will load default feeds from IE
  4. Can mark all post as read on a feed
  5. Can view the properties of a feed - detailing home page and feed uri
  6. Manage feeds (add, add folders, delete, change refresh period of feeds)
  7. Drag and drop functionality
  8. Can rename the title of feeds via properties menu or rename context menu
  9. Can now mark all feeds within a folder as read (doesn't apply to folders within folders - i.e. only marks feeds in folder clicked as read, not feeds within a subfolder of the folder clicked)
  10. Can import/export feeds as OPML
  11. Can detect network connectivity
  12. Load IE feeds on first use of application

If there are any bugs please report them, or feature requests etc.

I created this for fun in my spare time, hope someone finds it useful


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